the tale of Tristan and Tia

Tristan was sitting in her classroom.

The teachers had left hours earlier, but she didn’t care. Tristan had come to school that day for only one reason. To think. 

To think. Tristan thought, to think is to be intelligent. The world doesn’t hardly think. So therefore, the world is hardly intelligent.

Tristan drummed her fingers on the desk. Tap, tap. Thrum, thrum. 

The clock on the wall ticked loudly. Tick, tick. Tick, tick.
I think. So therefore, I am intelligent.
And it was true, for Tristan had always had a rather genius mind. She had always thought, talked and been different. 
Suddenly, an idea came into Tristan’s mind.
If I think and am intelligent, what can I do with my mind? 
Tristan remembered reading a book called Matilda when she was little. It had been about a very smart girl who could control things with her mind. What if I can control things with my mind? Tristan also remembered reading a story called I Read to the Dragon, about a girl who transported through a magic mirror to a magical world and read to a dragon. 
What if I could do that?
Tristan stood up quickly and walked out of the classroom. 
In a whole different world, called The Realm of Magic, a girl sat on a fallen tree in front of a waterfall, reading to a dragon.  
“But the poor girl’s father had died shortly after her mother did, so that Ella was left in the hands of her Step-Mother and sisters.” The girl closed the book and set it beside herself. “That ends the reading of Cinderella for today, Rainbow.” 
“Oh, Tia. I wish we could read more!” The dragon whimpered.
“Yes, Rainbow. I know. But I must get back to the castle, or else the Queen will be furious with me. You know she doesn’t want me to be around dragons.” Tia said, getting up to leave. 
Rainbow nodded understandingly and flew off into the sunset.
Tia climbed down back to the ground and started back to the castle.
Tristan stepped up her attic stairs. 
Achoo! She sneezed from the dust that floated in the air casually.
Tristan looked around the room.
“Ah! There it is!” She kneeled down next to an old cardboard box and brushed the layer of dust off the top. BAD MEMORIES. DO NOT OPEN. The box read in bold black marker. 
Well, I must open this box. Even though it will bring back painful memories. Tristan thought as she opened the flaps of the lid.
Inside lay a mirror. It was not wrapped in anything protective, just thrown into the box, rejected.
Tristan pulled the mirror out of the box and brought it close to herself. 
“Oh, Tia. I miss you so.” A tear slipped down her cheek. 
Tristan ran down the stairs and into her room, still clutching the mirror.
Tia ran up the palace stairs, two at a time. 
“TIA!” A scream sounded through the palace halls. 
“Coming, Queen!” Tia rushed into the Queen’s office and bowed before her. “Tia, I have heard from my royal assistant that there is still a portal left on Earth. Smash it.” The Queen commanded. “Yes Ma’am.” Tia rushed out of the room and to the portal. At the portal a Ferryman stood, guarding it. “I have orders from the Queen to use this portal.” Tia said, stepping towards the Ferryman. The Ferryman stepped aside. Tia walked slowly into the portal, which was a large, oval mirror on the wall of a large room. Tia was sucked into the mirror and to Earth.
Tristan sat on her bed, gazing at the mirror she had brought down from the attic. 
Should I jump in? No! I shouldn’t. Yes! I should! Tristan sighed. “I don’t know what to do!” 
Suddenly the mirror seemed to sparkle. It looked as though it was made of water.
Tristan picked up the mirror, and suddenly, something came at her. 
Tristan gasped for breath. 
“Get OFF me!” She screamed. 
A girl who looked exactly like her screamed, “I’m SO sorry!” The girl rolled over and onto the floor.
“Were did you come from?!” Tristan asked. 
“From your mirror, of course!”
“From my mirror? What?”
“Mirrors are passages to fantastic worlds, guarded by creatures called the Ferrymen. I came from the Realm of Magic. I am the Queen’s assistant. The Queen does not want people from Earth to come to The Realm though, so my job is to visit Earth and smash every mirror I come through.”

“Okay. What is your name?” Tristan asked. “Tia.” The girl answered.

“Tia? Your name sounds familiar.” Tristan queered. “Well, who are you?” Tia asked. “I’m Tristan.” Tristan answered. “You look an awful lot like me.” Tia said.

Suddenly, a knock sounded at the door. “TIA! What did I say about socializing! You are supposed to smash the mirror, kill anybody who sees you, and go back to The Realm!”

Tia gasped. “It’s the Queen! Hurry, Tristan! Come with me. I know how we will be safe.”

Tia grabbed Tristan’s hand and pointed to the window.

There was a ladder that was attached to the side of the house (for who knows what reason) that went right by Tristan’s window.

The two girls climbed down the ladder and ran out onto the driveway.

Tia had the mirror in her hand and she knew what she had to do.

Tia grasped Tristan’s hand tightly and led her across streets and through alleys. Finally, she reached a park.

Tia held out the mirror in front of her, and waited.

Tristan did not understand what Tia was going to do, but she was going to go with it.

Soon the Queen found the girls and started walking towards them.

Suddenly, Tia started running towards the Queen. She jumped up, and transported her back to the Realm! Then Tia smashed the mirror on the ground.

Suddenly, the Earth started to shake. It shook and shook and shook.

Tia and Tristan fell to the ground onto the broken glass.

Tia shakily got up and helped Tristan up. “We’re twin sisters.” Tia said in a hoarse voice.
“Sisters? That’s why your name sounded familiar! I used to have a twin, but she died.” Tristan asked, bewildered.
“Anyone who dies goes to a different Realm. The Queen knew I could go back to you but she didn’t want me to. And now I am trapped here forever with you.” Tia managed a shaky smile. “I will never see my dragon, Rainbow, again. But I’m glad I’m with my sister again.” And the two girls embraced tearfully in the light of the golden sunset. 

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        THE END