Long Lost –  Part 1

Jake and Hayden, two boys, tramped through the woods. Well, they weren’t boys, but eighteen-year-old “men” who were out on an adventure in the midst of the Brazilian jungle.
Jake and Hayden set up camp and sat around the fire together.
Jake pulled out his backpack and unzipped it. He took one look inside and then grabbed Hayden’s collar, pulling his nose close to Hayden’s nose.
“Did you eat my sandwich?”
“Yeah, why?” Hayden pulled back from Jake and sat back down, shrugging his shoulders like it didn’t matter.
Jake’s face turned red. “Dude, that was our last sandwich! Now we have nothing to eat!” He kicked his backpack, stubbing his toe on something hard.
Hayden rolled his eyes. “Um… Jake, I was hungry.”
Jake pulled his boot off and massaged his stubbed toe. “You’re impossible, that’s what you are.”
Hayden rolled his eyes again and stirred the fire.
Jake pulled out a piece of paper and a pen, and wrote on the paper. He held the piece of paper up in front of Hayden’s face.
“See this paper?”
“Uh, yes. You’re holding it an inch from my face.”
“It represents your life.”
Hayden shrugged his shoulders. “Uh… okay.”
Jake tore the paper in two. 
Hayden made a face. “Hey! Why did you tear a piece of paper up that had my name on it?”
Jake shrugged his shoulders. “For fun.”
Hayden glared at Jake and crawled into the tent, pulling his covers over his head.
Jake pulled out his guitar, strumming the notes to a  song softly.
A ways away a  girl named Harmony sat in a tree listening to the sounds of the jungle.
The notes floated from Jake’s guitar, up, up into the sky all the way to Harmony.
She could hear their song. 
Harmony jumped up and to the window. The large  jungle loomed out before her.
She walked outside and across the swinging bridge that connected Harmony’s tree house to another tree that had a ladder to climb down from.

She climbed down and started walking towards where she had heard the music from the night before. Little did she know, that she was walking right to her brother. To her only hope.

THE END. Destiny dropped her pencil and sighed. She had finally finished her novel. She reached down on the floor and gasped. Her pencil lay on the floor, cracked in two. 

“I think I broke him,” she mumbled to herself. “Edward.” Edward was the name of Destiny’s pencil. She used him so much, that she had decided to name him. 
As Destiny stooped down to pick up Edward she saw a few crumpled pieces of paper under the desk. Destiny picked up the papers and read the first words on the top of the first page.
Tristan greeted her best friend. “Hey, Genny.”
“Don’t call me that!”
“Why not?” Tristan asked.
“Because that’s my mother’s name – I don’t like her.” Gen crossed her arms.
Destiny smiled and hugged the papers. These were the first three stories that she had written at eleven years old. Now, at seventeen that seemed so long ago.
She whipped out her computer and typed up the stories on her computer. But they needed more…. pzazz. 
Destiny typed up Google search and searched “Writing Prompts”.
Many pictures came up. She scrolled down to the first ones.
A soldier playing a piano, a man on a tiny camera, a boy lying on the beach. Those wouldn’t add pzazz to her stories! 
Then she saw them – the perfect prompts.
The first one read, “…but if anyone asks, we’re fine.” She could add that one to the story where a girl ran away. 
“I want to go home.” The girl whined.
“And I want to go to the moon. It ain’t happening sweetheart. Time to accept it.” That one would also go into her girl running away story.
Destiny scrolled down to another one. “So your human? Like one hundred percent actual human? I’ve heard scary things about you guys.” That would be great for her fantasy story. 
And last, “I’m not sick, I’m twisted. Sick makes it sound like there’s a cure.” And that prompt would go into her superhero story.
Destiny saved the prompts that she had liked and started typing.

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