Wordcrafters 2

Chapter 10

Pippin squeezed tighter on Katri’s arms.

“Who is your father, and why did he tell you to do this?” Esme pushed.

Katri breathed in deeply and replied, “My father is the ruler of the fairies – Lord Zilch.”

“But why did he tell you to do this?” Devin asked as he stood up and leaned against a nearby tree. He stroked the baby Dragon’s head softly as he stared at Katri, waiting for an answer.

“He wants revenge on all Humans,” Katri’s eyes flooded with tears. “Ten years ago, Humans like you came to our world – but they were older and they had weapons.”

“What kind of weapons,” Pippin asked.

“They had metal – and dragons and fairies are extremely sensitive to metal. That is why your little dragon shrunk from Pippin’s sword.” Katri tried to squirm but Pippin held her tight.

“Pippin,” Esme raised her eye brows and Pippin let go of one of Katri’s arms so that she could talk comfortably, but he kept a firm grip on her other arm.

“You may continue.” Devin urged the fairy.

Katri moved into a comfortable position and continued. “They came with metal, and wanted to rule Icxlwocjg. So my mother and father fought them, but they killed my mother. From that time on, my father has been bringing Humans to this world with baby dragons that he takes from their mother and leading them down a path. Once the Humans reach the end of the path, they are captured and locked in my father’s dungeons forever.”

Esme smoothed back Vivi’s hair and stared cold and hard at Katri. “I thought you where good.”

“I never really agreed to do all this – but I am my father’s daughter, and he expects me to obey his commands.” Katri pulled a little bottle of blue liquid from a pocket. “Here is some real Healing potion – it will take all of Vivi’s pain away, but that scar won’t leave as quickly.”

Pippin snatched the potion away from Katri and handed it to Devin. “How do we know that that isn’t some poison that will kill her?” He snapped angrily.

Esme’s eyes filled with tears. “Please, Pippin – it’s our only hope.”

Pippin’s face softened a little. “Alright, Esme. Just, please, don’t cry.”

Esme nodded and squared her shoulders bravely, brushing  away her tears. Devin opened the bottle and held it up to Vivi’s lips. He poured the liquid slowly down her throat and then popped the cap back on, sticking the bottle into his jeans pocket.

All four stared at Vivi, hoping that the medicine would work. None of them spoke for five minutes, but where silent, bringing an eerie feeling about the forest.

Suddenly, Vivi gasped for breathe and started coughing. Esme sat her up a little hugged her tight.

“I was so scared.” Esme whispered into Vivi’s hair.

Vivi  smiled weakly and looked around. When she caught sight of Katri she growled and gritted her teeth.

“It as her. She tripped me!”

“We know,” Devin said.

Esme could feel Vivi tense up and she could see her jaw set firmly. Esme squeezed Vivi’s shoulder gently, and she relaxed.

“Okay, then why, Katri, did you do this?”

Then, Esme, Pippin and Devin explained the whole thing while Katri sat silently, listening to her own words and finally understanding her father’s wickedness and her own mistakes.

Vivi looked over at Katri. “I have one more question – what was that beast who chased us earlier?”

Katri’s eyes grew wide with fear as she remembered the horrible creature that she had sent after the four. “That was my Father’s pet – The Webinar. And he’s still after you – and now that I’ve told you my father’s plans, he’s after all of us.”

Leaves rustled and the little Elf appeared. She ran to Esme and climbed onto her lap.

Esme picked the elf up. “I never did catch your name.”

The elf smiled. “I thought you would never ask! I’m Faun.”

Esme stuck her finger out and shook Faun’s hand. “Nice to meet you, Faun.” She smiled and set the elf down.

Vivi looked over to Pippin and Katri. “I think you can let her go now, Pip.”

“Oh, yeah. I forgot.” Pippin let go of Katri’s arm. “Now, what do we do about the Webinar?”

Katri looked towards the East. “The sun is rising, we better find some shelter. My father and his men will be tracking us down with the Webinar.”

Pippin helped Vivi up and she placed her arm around his neck. Devin walked next to Katri and Esme placed Faun on her shoulder, and the five walked off to their camp with the baby dragon trailing behind.

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