i am the writer

i am the deep blue sky and the sea green waves.

i am the fresh smell of flowers and the rich aroma of coffee beans.

i am the twinkling stars and the shining sun.

i am the warm and the cold of the north wind.

i am the sunlit forest and the grassy plains.

i am the laughing girl and the sober woman.

i am the creator of worlds and the destroyer of realms.

i am the airy clouds and the smooth, heavy stone.

i am the sweet on your tongue and the sour to your mouth.

i am the perfume to your nose and the music to your ears.

i am the cozy blanket that you cuddle up with and the sequined sweater that you wear to church.

i am the daughter of the King and the organizer of the events.

i am the words on a page and the book in your hands.

i am the girl.

i am the artist.

i am the hero to some and the villain to others.

i am the writer.