Fiction VS. Fantasy

By the Candle Light

Rosaline stepped swiftly through the hallway, holding her candle out in front of her. Pictures covered
the walls. Pictures of her family, all of them either dead or dwelling in a different country.
She stopped to stare at one picture of a teenager with wild brown hair. Her blue eyes sparkled happily – joyfully.
Rosaline touched the glass tenderly. “Becca,” she whispered hoarsely.
Rosaline turned away from the picture of her deceased sister and walked down the hallway more. The candle lit up a picture of her uncle Ben. He was all the way over in Europe, not in the same old white house in Washington like he usually was. Everyone was gone.
She walked down longer and finally came to the last picture – a framed photograph of her parents. Her father’s white toothed grin made her heart flutter and her mother’s beautiful face framed with golden curls brought a smile to her lips.
Rosaline’s father had died in the war, and her mother was a missionary in Africa.
For a year Rosaline’s heart and her head had fought a war over going to Africa to be with her mother, or staying with the old white house which brought faded memories of distant relatives and long deceased family members.
“This is my war, and I don’t know what side I’m on.” Rosaline took the picture down and pressed it against her chest. Her heart seemed to beat faster at being close to her mother and father.
 Tears slipped down Rosaline’s cheeks as she dashed into her room and pulled out a suitcase.
“I’m coming for you, Mother.”
The Explorer

Audrey smiled. She had done it. She had uncovered the lost library of Alexandria but had uncovered lots more than just books. She had uncovered a place of books and ancient artifacts – practically a museum.
She strolled down the apple orchard. It had been a life changing discovery. 
Jackson ran to catch up with Audrey. Audrey was his best friend. 
Audrey turned around and Jackson looked into her bright blue eyes. Her brown hair had blonde highlights that were very beautiful. 
Audrey smiled and blushed. Jackson was soon to be her husband. And she couldn’t wait.

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