Read part 1 HERE.


Chapter 2

When Cynthia woke up, Emily was in her extra room of their cabin. Emily and Cynthia shared a 4 room cabin that the Spy Agency had supplied them with. On the large, hidden campus, there were many cabins. Two kids lived in each cabin and had a small bedroom and a room to do their work in. Emily was in her “office”, as she called it, doing homework to bring the school that morning.

“Breakfast is in an hour. Are you ready yet?”

“No,” Cynthia replied, “I just woke up. That electric shock last night really made me tired. I thought it would’ve kept me up.”

Suddenly, there was a knock at the door. Emily and Cynthia raced to the door, as was there custom, and Cynthia won, who got the honor of opening the door. Drew and Russel stood outside, urgent looks on their faces.

Russell stepped forward. “We have to go on a mission – it’s a 10 rate emergency – a Code Red.”


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