THE LION – A Narnia Fan Story

Emily is a little girl who was always terrified of the monster under her bed, but what she didn’t know was that the monster under her bed protected her from the true monsters – her parents.
Emily had always known that there was something strange about her parents. But she didn’t know why and she never did find out. 
Emily made friends with the monster under her bed – a Lion named Aslan. One night, Emily heard a knock at the door. She sat up in bed and listened.
“Have you so little misery that you must create more for your daughter?” Someone shouted.
Emily climbed down and peaked under her bed. “Aslan, wake up. I want to go away.”
The Lion came out and Emily hopped on his back. She held on tight and whispered in his ear, “To Narnia.”
One day, Alena’s assistant knocked on the acacia wood door that closed her room off from the large palace that she lived in.

“Come in.” Eighteen-year-old Queen Alena called.
 A young girl – no older than thirteen – stepped into the cool room and shuffled quickly to the couch that Alena lounged on. 
“A letter, my Queen.” The girl placed the piece of paper on the table that stood near Alena and stepped back with a curtsy. 
Alena looked at the letter dully and then glanced over the many other letters and requests that where spread out before her. Many people in the village had been making requests and asking questions of the Queen over the last few weeks, and it had been hard for her to catch up on reading all of them. 

Thank you, Esmeralda.” Alena smiled at her assistant and waved her out of the room. Alena then glanced over at the letters on her table, sighed heavily and picked up the one that Esmeralda had recently brought in. She unfolded it neatly and looked at the inside of the paper. The letter only had two words:

He’s Alive.
 She gasped and reread the words. Alena dropped the letter on the floor and ran out of the room.
 Alena burst through the door of her sorcerer’s room. Bottles of potions and remedies were  scattered about
Fredric, I need you to tell me something.”
Fredric was a recent traveling magician. He had a British accent, and carried an old leather satchel of potions. Before he had settled down as Queen Alena’s sorcerer he had liked to travel and never stayed in one place too long. 
Fredric smiled and replied, “Anything for my Queen.”
“Fredric, is he alive?” 
Fredric’s smile faded and he turned serious. “He can’t be.”
“I got a letter.”
“Not everything is true.”
“I KNOW he is alive.” 
Fredric sighed and turned to his glass ball. A shimmering light floated into the air and Fredric looked closely into it. He turned around with a disappointed face. “He’s not.
Alena turned to the door and smiled weakly. “Thans.”

The next day, Alena stood nervously inside the large double doors of the palace
She was about to be married to Prince Leo.
Alena’s father, who had just recently stepped down from his throne and given the crown to Alena, walked up to Alena with a smiled on his face. 
“You ready?”
 “Barely.” Alena replied with a shaky sigh.
Alena’s father took her arm and the large doors where opened. The crowd cheered at seeing the Queen and the recent King walking down the red carpeted aisle. Prince Leo took Alena’s hand and they walked the rest of the way, to the alter. 
This isn’t happening. I don’t love him. I CAN’T marry him! Alena told herself, but nonetheless, she didn’t stop the wedding. 
Prince Leo didn’t love Alena eitherit had all been arranged by their parents.  
Suddenly, a dragon swooped down from the sky and landed right in front of Leo and Alena! A knight in shining armor jumped down from the dragon’s back and rushed up to Alena
Alena gasped. “It can’t be,” she mumbled to herself.
The knight rushed up to Alena, who just smiled at the ground. He wrapped his cape half-way around her and whispered, “I‘ve come for you, my Love.”
Alena jumped up and pulled the helmet off of the knights head and revealed a handsome young man with fair black hair. 
Alena let out a cry of delight. “Caleb!”
Caleb tore off his armor, revealing his princely clothes. “Alena, will you marry me?” 
Alena glanced around at the cheering crowd and the beaming Prince Leo. 
“Yes.” And she placed her arms around his neck and kissed him, right there right then.
The crowd let out a cheer and Leo let out a relieved sigh.
Alena and Caleb where married in that exact spot that they kissed – right there, right then.

Sunny and Brooke – Part 1 Thirteen-year-old Sunny Malcolm sat lazily reading a book on a reclining chair. She looked over the railing of the metal fire-escape that clung to the wall below her bedroom window. A homeless girl sat in the space where the alley opened up to the street, selling fruit and vegetables to the people scurrying along the sidewalk. Sunny closed her book and thought aloud, “It must have been so different back when the pilgrims came to America. Life was simpler back then. Now it’s 1974 and things are more complicated,” Sunny sighed. “I wish I had been born ‘back then’.” Sunny rose from her sun-warmed chair and climbed back into her sunny-yellow bedroom. Sunny and her dad had painted and re-decorated the room a few months earlier. The bright yellow walls made the whole room feel cheery. White curtains framed the window that lead to Sunny’s secret reading place and a white bed was placed cozily in the corner. In another corner Sunny had placed her writing nook where she scribbled her thoughts into journals, notebooks and diaries every day before bed. Sunny skipped into the kitchen, book in hand, where she found her father fixing himself a smack. “Hey Dad!” Sunny said as she planted a kiss on his cheek. “I have problem. It’s a medical emergency!” Sunny smiled with an innocent look on her face. “You don’t look sick.” Dad said as he observed the tall, blonde girl that stood before him. Sunny smiled even more and said in he most dramatic voice, “If I don’t have McDonald’s this minute, I’ll die!” 

“Wanting McDonald’s is not a medical emergency.”

“It is if I die without it.” Sunny argued.

“No, it’s not.”

It was final, dad had won the argument. Sunny quickly changed the subject to a more important topic by saying, “So… how is mom?”


“Is she gonna come for supper?”
“She has some papers to file.”

An uncomfortable silence followed the dull conversation.

“I guess we can go to McDonald’s for supper.” Dad sighed.

“Can we stop by the office and ask mom if she wants to come?”
“You know what she’ll say. But… I guess so.”

Sunny jumped up and ran to her room. It wasn’t very often that Sunny got to visit her mom’s consuming job. Sunny’s mother was the Mayor of New York City, so she was gone all day. Sunny’s father was a fireman who worked overnight so he was home all day to take care of Sunny. Sunny was home-schooled by her father instead of being sent to public school so she had all day everyday to spend with her dad. Sunny slipped her shoes on and was about to open the door when a knock sounded one the door. Sunny looked over at her father with wide eyes – it wasn’t very often when someone knocked on a neighbor’s door. Dad nodded and Sunny opened the door slowly. A tall woman in faded jeans and a Tye-dye shirt stood in the doorway. Her thick brown hair was greasy, but it was long and flowing and curled at the tips. Her deep blue eyes caught Sunny’s attention right from the start.

“Mom?” Sunny whispered.

“My name is Tara Gardner. Does Trisha Herbert live here?” The lady asked. Dad sat gazing at Mrs. Gardner for a couple of seconds. But he shook himself off and said, “Yes. She is my wife, Trisha Malcolm. I’m Joseph.” Mrs. Gardner’s mouth formed a small o. “Oh… And you are my sister’s daughter?” Mrs. Gardner asked as she gave Sunny’s head a little pat with her callused hand. 

“Sister? My mom – your sister?” Sunny stammered in disbelief. 

“Didn’t she tell you? I’m your mother’s twin.”

Sunny just stood there and stared. This homeless, dirty woman was her aunt? 

A girl around Sunny’s age peeped through the door. 

“This is my daughter, Brooke. She’s thirteen, just like you, Sunny.” Sunny’s aunt gently pushed the girl through the door and towards Sunny. 

Sunny struggled to find her words. Brooke was a tall brunette. She wore faded jeans like her mom and a blue tank-top. Her pale pink flip-flops where like the ones that Sunny possessed in her closet. 

“So… I guess we’re cousins.” Brooke said shyly.

“Yeah, I guess so.”
















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