Purposeful Pages // October Edition

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It’s time for another round of Purposeful Pages questions! Yay! Okay, here I go:

What is Purposeful Pages?

Purposeful Pages is a monthly link-up designed to unite bloggers on answering questions about life, blogging, the Bible, writing, and books.

October 2016 Questions:

Question One // What is something (or who is someone) that has encouraged you to grow in your faith?

Definitely my youth pastor, Sylar. He’s really cool. 🙂

Question Two // Has blogging showed a side of you that you normally don’t see? 

Yes, it has. Blogging brings out more of my creativity, and it got me on the road to writing novels. Without blogging, I would have never started writing. 🙂

Question Three // What inspires your “creative genius?”

Anything, really. Color, light, sounds, music, art, poems, stories, novels. Anything creative.

Question Four // Why do you write?

I write because I love to. I write because I’m very shy, and it’s a great way to share all my inner thoughts with people around the world and change their lives for the better.

Question Five // Your house is on fire, and you only have time to save one thing. Do you grab your hand-written manuscripts or your cat? 

My cats are outside cats (AKA: they can’t come in the house) so I would grab my manuscript.

Question Six // If you could ban any book, which one would it be, and why?

I don’t think I would ban any books. I’ve only read really good ones. 🙂

Question Seven // What is your Myers-Briggs personality type (if you know it), and what unique aspect of your personality makes you who you are?

I don’t know what the first one is…but a unique aspect of my personality that makes me who I am is that I’m very kind, and I can’t stand to see someone hurt.

Question Eight // Did you have any kind of “breakthrough” point in your life, whether it had to do with writing, blogging, art, or anything else? If so, would you like to share about it?

I had a “breakthrough” with writing, when I started blogging. I had liked writing and drawing and stuff and,(like the typical ten-year-old) wanted to be every thing in the book (ballerina, artist, chef, author, etc.), but blogging really got me going, and that’s when I decided to things; One, from then on I was going to take writing very seriously (but not too seriously… 😉 ) and Two, I wanted to be an author who owned a cafe when I’m older.

Question Nine // Are there any hobbies that you have that don’t fit the stereotypical you?

Not really…maybe card collecting? I don’t do it much anymore, but I used to all the time.

Question Ten // Even if you haven’t written an official life purpose statement, can you tell us in a few sentences what you feel called to do with your life right now?

I feel called to spread God’s Word in more than one way and read His Word.


Okay, looks like I’m done with that. *wipes brow* I also have some news…


I got the solo in a song in my choir! Yay! Isn’t that awesome? It is for one of the verses in the song “Do di li”. It’s a song in Israeli and it’s really hard so I’m so happy that I got the part! Yay! 😀

Well, I should get back to writing….bye!

Are you going to do Purposeful Pages? Do you love singing?