Interview with Allie Taylor


Today I am going to be interviewing the amazing Allie Taylor: founder of YLFC (Young Ladies For Christ), aspiring author, and an amazing friend. I will be interviewing her about the collaboration blog that she founded and I am very proud to be a part of; Young Ladies For Christ.

Me: When did you come up with the idea to start a collaboration blog for girls?

Allie: Well, I was wondering how God wanted me to spread the Good News to all creation. Then I thought about my blog. I thought that my blog was great, but that I could do even better. I thought that it would be AMAZING to provide encouragement in Christ to other girls my age, through other girls my age!

Me: What has been your favorite part about having YLFC?

Allie: There are two main things, actually. It’s an amazing and exciting experience to get to know other girls my age who crave the Bible and Jesus as much as I do and just being able to encourage one another. The second thing is the amazing joy and thrill of knowing that God is choosing ME to spread His Word. The God who created EVERYTHING! The God who loves sinners! HE chose ME to tell the world about HIM!

Me: What is your favorite Christian topic to write on (faith, evangelism, etc.)?

Allie: Hmm, probably faith. I’m always turning my back on Christ, which I am ashamed to say. I always doubt Him. But He always draws me back. Every post I write is personal. If I’m writing about it, I’m struggling with it. But at the end of every post, I find the answer.

Me: When/how did you become a Christian?

Allie: I’ve been/I’m being raised in a Christian home. My mom is a VERY STRONG Christian, and my stepdad is certainly one of the strongest Christian I know. I had always KNEW but never BELIEVED. If that makes any sense LOL. Maris, one of our clubbers, was talking with the other girls and I. When she said “Your time will come”, everything clicked. I have no idea why, though. It’s been a good amount of time since November 30, 2016. I figured out since then that that was my first step to being saved. I accepted Christ into my heart but had a few bumps after that. I know I always will, but I believe that I was REALLY saved and TRULY believed with ALL MY HEART January 1st, 2017. My dad (stepdad, but he’s a dad to me.) was talking with me. He told me things that changed everything for me. It was amazing. Instead of smiling like I had been, I broke out in tears. Good tears, of course. XD I NEVER do that.

Me: Have you, if ever, doubted YLFC? Like, if you thought it wouldn’t be able to be launched? How did your doubts resolve, if they did?

Allie: Well, when we were coming EXTREMELY close to the launch date, and we hadn’t figured much out, I really started to stress and doubt that we would not be able to start when January came around. XD But somehow, we managed. Honestly, I didn’t resolve them myself. I just closed my eyes and prayed that it would all get done.

Me: Have you felt like God has been working through you in this site? Why or why not?

Allie: Honestly, I haven’t felt much. We don’t get many comments or any feedback, so I don’t really know how much people appreciate it or not. I definitely feel like He has been working through me when it comes to MY blog, but I think YLFC is too new to actually know.

Me: What are your hopes and dreams for Young Ladies For Christ’s future?

Allie: I hope that we can have two branches: one for early youth and one for girls in their later teens. I’d like to see our clubber count increase. As of now, I can’t think of much else. 😉

Me: What verse in the Bible speaks to you the most?

Allie: Oh, good one. 😉 Um, There are quite a few, but probably Hebrew 11:6. (This is out of memory, so I hope it’s right. 😉 ):

“And faith is the substance of things hoped for, and things unseen.”

Me: Yay! That was so fun! Thanks so much for doing this, Allie!

Allie: Of course! Thanks for interviewing me!

Have a great day everyone! And, don’t forget to check out Young Ladies For Christ! It’s an amazing blog. (PS: My brother started a blog, Darth Belac so go check that out too. 🙂 )


Do you like reading interviews? Do you think that Young Ladies for Christ is awesome?? (I do). 🙂