Yes, ’tis true – I am switching to Blogger.

I know, y’all are probably in shock. You’re probably asking “what about your followers, and your posts, and your pages?” Do not worry – I have simple solutions to all of those problems.

“But why?” you ask, “why the jellybeans are you switching to Blogger?” Well, you see, I was feeling like something was missing from my blog. Two things were missing: 1} an amazingly fabulous name that made me smile every time I said it, and 2} TRUE customization for my blog’s design. I love to take a bunch of code, figure out where it goes and why it goes there, so that my blog can be more beautiful. But, with WordPress, I don’t get to code – which stinks like moldy mushrooms. So, I have decided to brave the journey and switch to Blogger!

But, I am not facing this challenge alone. My dear friend Allie Taylor is switching to Blogger as well! We shall brave this long, hard process so that our blogs maybe better for you to read and for us to post on.

“And what about those solutions,” you ask? Yes, yes. I am getting to those right now:

Problem 1} Followers

I know, I JUST reached 100 followers (thank you!)!! I don’t want to lose them all!! Well, fear not, for I have a solution!

If you are a follower, you are probably reading this post. I’ll need ALL of my followers to read this post so that they know what to do. So, if you are a follower, you better be reading this post! 😉

Email followers: all you need to do is go over to my new site (link provided at the end of this post) and enter your email into the email sidebar widget. Easy, right? I know. 😉

Blogger followers: you guys can just take my new URL and follow with your Reader on Blogger Dashboard. It’s as simple and easy as that.

WordPress followers: you WordPress followers (which I probably have the most of), you guys can take my new URL, go to your reader, go to “Manage Blogs”, and paste my URL into the URL thingy-ma-bob. It will not show up on my end that you follow me, but all of my new posts will be delivered to your Reader. 🙂

Problem 2} Posts

I have already taken any posts that I thought worthy to be kept and transferred them to my new blog. Done and done. 🙂

Problem 3} Pages

I have this one figured out, too. I have taken all of the pages that I wish to keep, and transferred them to my new blog. Easy as that. 🙂

Now, I know that all the beautiful comments that y’all have left on my blog will be gone, bit I am SO excited for you guys to be able to leave so many more sweet thoughts on my new blog.

Soo… I guess you guys are wondering where exactly my new blog is at, huh? Yeah, I love to make you wait. 😉

Introducing, my NEW blog (click the image)…

This Journey Teal Small


Now, I advise you all to either check out Allie’s announcing post, or go check out her new Blogger blog (don’t forget to check out mine, too!)

Remember, followers! Please follow the instructions given to you ^above^. I will be making this blog private after a couple of weeks, so I advise you to switch to my new blog as soon as possible. Don’t forget! I wouldn’t want anyone to not be able to find me. 🙂

Soo…I guess this is my last post on Anika’s Avenue. I’m happy to be moving to This Journey Called Life, but I’m a bit sad to be leaving this blog. This is a really bitter-sweet moment, guys. 🙂


Signing off for the last time (at least on this blog),