It’s WIP Time \\ The Rose’s Shadow


A few days ago I did Beautiful People \\ Couples Edition and some of you guys said that you would like to hear more about my book in the comments. I have never written a whole post about a WIP, so I hope that this one is enjoyable and not (too) long. 🙂

I have always liked the idea of fairytale retellings, and Beauty and the Beast was one of my absolute favorite fairytales of all time. So, I decided to give retellings a try and start planning for a retelling of Beauty and the Beast.

Now, you wouldn’t understand the title really well unless you read the whole book, but to keep it short, the book is called The Rose’s Shadow because Aaron (the Beast) feels like the Enchanted Rose is casting a shadow over his life (because it cursed him). Hmm…I guess you can understand the title without reading the book… 🙂

I don’t want to ramble on for too long, so I’ll give you a pretty long blurb/synopsis so you can get the whole feel of the book. I just wrote this one up in my notebook, so I probably won’t be using it for an official blurb or anything. 🙂

“Each time a petal falls he comes closer to his doom…”

Princess  Blaire is the oldest of the twelve sister-princesses of Celene, and the heir to the throne as well. But, before becoming queen, she must find a co-heir, and her Mother doesn’t want just anyone marrying her daughter. Blaire is paired up with Prince Gared of Duer, but when Blaire says no to his proposal, he vows to have her hand in marriage – one way or another.

When Blaire’s youngest sister, Kaylyn, goes missing, Blaire and Colene, her one-year younger sister, go on a search for her in the wood. But, they are separated in the endless mist during the night. Blaire soon stumbles upon an abandoned castle that has never been discovered before – or is it abandoned? 

Kaylyn has been kidnapped by a vicious beast who lives in the old castle and will only give her freedom for one thing – Blaire’s promise to return to palace and stay with him until the last petal on the Enchanted Rose falls.

When Blaire is set free by the beast for an unknown reason, she wonders why he let her go. It can’t be hatred or his eagerness to get rid of her. But it can’t be love, can it?


That wasn’t very good, but I’ll have to sit down for a while after I’m finished with the book and write out a good one. 🙂

Now, I told you all that Blaire is the oldest of twelve sisters, right? Yeah, I know that’s a lot. A retelling of The 12 Dancing Princesses is a possibility in the future… 🙂

Any-who, I was thinking of having The Rose’s Shadow being second (the first will be a The 12 Dancing Princesses retelling) in a series of Chronicles with thirteen books in them, each one focusing on each girl. The first one (the 12 Dancing Princesses retelling) would focus on all of them, and then twelve more focusing mainly on one girl. Wouldn’t that be awesome?? I’m SO excited to write them all…

I’m actually thinking that I’ll write the first book after I write all of the other twelve books so that I can get to know the characters better. That would help a lot in character development and what-not. So, here I am, starting The Rose’s Shadow, which focuses on Blaire.

Okay, after all that talk about twelve princess, you are probably wondering all their names and what they look like, right? Don’t worry, I’ve got that covered.

Meet the twelve princesses of Celene (from oldest to youngest):


Colene 2.jpg




Lara 2.jpg

Bernadette 2.jpg

Misty 2.jpg


Mallona 2.jpg

Cora 2.jpg



I found these beautiful girls on Pinterest and added some names and descriptions to them.  (Here’s a link to my Pinterest board: LINK). I think that these girls are exactly how I envisioned the twelve princesses.

I am working on a cover for The Rose’s Shadow, but I am not sure if I want to show you all right away or if I will have a cover reveal…I’ll decide what to do when I am done with the cover. 😃

 I will be doing another It’s WIP Time post in a little bit so that I can tell you guys a LOT more about The Rose’s Shadow, because this post IS getting a little long, isn’t it? 😄

I reached 100 followers yesterday, so I want to thank you all so much that!! It makes me so happy to know that people are enjoying my blog enough to follow it. 😃 I hope you all have a great day or night!


Do you like the idea of a Beauty and the Beast retelling? Which of the twelve sisters is your favorite?


27 thoughts on “It’s WIP Time \\ The Rose’s Shadow


    I love this amazing cast of characters, and the plot, and everything, and just… GAAAAAAAAAAAH.

    (Also, what is the font for the little descriptions under their names? I love that font but have been unable to find out the name. 😛 )


    ( XD Just kidding. I mean, I would love to, but no pressure. 😛 )

    Liked by 1 person

    1. UGH I NEED TO FINISH IT!!!!!! *writes as hard as I can* I used many different fonts, but some of them are: Shellehara Script Demo, Beacon, Autumn in November, and Just Believe.
      EEEEE YES I WILL LET YOU BETA FOR IT WHEN I AM DONE. *tries to write it all as fast as possible*

      Liked by 1 person

        Oh, haha! I was talking about the font underneath the fancy, calligraphy scripts. 😛 For example, “twelfth of twelve sisters” for Kaylyn.


      2. YES I MUST.
        Hmmm..maybe it’s called…I’m not on the right computer that it is downloaded on, but I’ll find out the name later and tell you. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  2. A series of fairytale retellings is GENIUS! I would really love to read it. 🙂 Cora’s my favorite sister, but because of watching Once Upon A Time I can’t imagine someone named Cora to NOT be evil. xD
    ❤ Audrey


    1. It is! I love the idea that each of the girls gets their own fairy tale. 😀 My favorite is probably either…well, I like all of them! Well, I hope that I can make Cora lovable enough so you don’t think of the word evil every time you hear her name. 😀 😉

      Liked by 1 person

  3. This sounds awesome, Anika!!
    Just so you know, Grace is kind of protective about her Talk To Me, since it’s her signature signoff. Just thought I’d let you know. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, Bella!
      But, she did not invent the words “Talk To Me” did she? I personally don’t think that it is her signature to only be used for herself. Words are able to be used by anyone. (I didn’t even know that that was her sign off anyway) 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. No, she didn’t, but I used them once and she asked me not to, since she started using them as her signoff.


  4. Your book sounds pretty good!
    I tagged you on my private blog for the Happiness tag. Just answer the questions below:
    1. Name five things that make you happy.
    2. Name five songs that make you happy.
    3. Nominate five bloggers to continue this tag.
    You don’t have to do this if you don’t want to. I just thought it would be fun. 🙂

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