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Today, I am taking part in Hanna Kraft’s The New Diary Blog Tour! 2017 seems to be the year when everyone is self-publishing their books! That’s so cool, isn’t it? 😉 😛


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One Summer Sunday in 1930, Carol Ayers decides to keep a diary. She records many life changes over the days, weeks, and months. Can Carol and her family accept, and even like the changes, and at the same time continue their traditions?

The New Diary, a fictional account, contains actual excerpts from the real diary of Carol Ayers, the author’s great-grandmother.

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Hanna Kraft, an introverted Christian Homeschooler, is very grateful to have the opportunity to learn at home and desires to spread her love of Jesus to others. Every day she sees new ways the Lord has provided, blessed, and cared for her and those she cares for. Hanna enjoys writing much more than any of her five siblings and has enjoyed it for several years. When she realized her ability to publish The New Diary, she decided to pursue writing as a bit more than a mere hobby.

Besides reading and writing, Hanna lives in the country with her family and enjoys playing the banjo, swimming, listening to much Southern Gospel music, and watching college basketball.


The New Diary is a cute little book that is a great clean, Christian read. There wasn’t really one story line that the whole plot stuck to, but I liked the little stories. They were funny and realistic.

A few of the characters I can’t remember very well, but the ones I DO remember seemed very real like they actually existed (although they actually did 😉 )

The writing style that Hanna used is not one of my favorite writing styles, but it fit the book’s style.

All in all, this is a great little book! There were a few things I caught (grammar, punctuation, etc.) but otherwise, this was a good read!


And last, but not least, an author interview with Hanna! 😀


#1 – Are you excited, nervous, or both, about publishing your book?
I’m definitely more excited than nervous. I can hardly believe I’ve published my very own book! 😀 And I’ve already received wonderful feedback from my family, so I don’t have any reason to be nervous.
#2 – What inspired you to write The New Diary?
Aside from Carol’s diary, my schoolwork. The New Diary was a school project, and I was required to write a complete novel in a year. My mom was the one to suggest a book based on her grandmother’s life, and I thought it was a great idea.
#4 – What is your favorite part about The New Diary?
My favorite part was knowing that I could ‘recreate’ a story, and basically learn about my family’s history. I loved hearing all the stories about my great-grandmother and her family.
#5 – Who is your favorite character in The New Diary?
After all of the fun scenes with Edythe, Gertie, Irish, and even La Verne, I’d have to say Carol is my favorite character. Since she’s the main character, I saw things mostly from her point of view. Plus, I read about all these experiences from her point of view.


And, here is the blog tour schedule so you can keep up with all the posts:

Wednesday the 1st

-Kellyn Roth @ Reveries Reviews (kick-off/author interview)

Thursday the 2nd

Friday the 3rd

-Megan @ A Barefoot Gal (author interview)

Saturday the 4th

-Kellyn Roth @ Reveries Reviews (review)

-Angela R. Watts @ The Peculiar Messenger (review/author interview)

-Anika Joy @ Anika’s Avenue (review/author interview)


I hope that you guys enjoyed this!! I will see (or post) you all later!! Bye! 😀


Do you think The New Diary sounds cool? Isn’t it so exciting to see someone get published?


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