The Blogger Awards 2016 – Voting

Hello, everyone! Welcome back to The Blogger Awards 2016! The nominations have been casted, and now it’s time to vote!😀


Basically, you’ll look through the nominees in this blog post, then vote for who you think will win the award!

Thanks so much for participating!

Here are all the nominees:

Best New Blog

Emma @

April Dreams-

Garcie @

Modesty Mission –

Legacy @

Student Cosmos –

Best Collab Blog

Best Photography Post

My Life By A Snapshot –

Best Doll Blog

American Girl Doll Artist @

Happy house of AG @

Madison @

Best Writing Blog  [nominated 2 times!]

Helping Writers Become Authors –

Anika @  [aww, thank you! 😀 ]


Best Lifestyle Blog  [nominated 2 times!]

A Farm Girl’s Life-  [nominated 2 times!]

Friendliest Blogger [nominated 2 times!]

Becoming Lost –

K.A.-  [nominated 3 times!]

Funniest Post  [nominated 3 times!]

Best Random Post  (any of her posts!)

Best Short Story  [nominated 2 times!]

“Are We Silent?” by Hosanna Emily –

Best Poetry Blog/Post

A Purpose And A Promise –  [nominated 2 times!]

Most Jaw-Dropping, Knee Slapping, Tongue Tickling, He-hawing Blog Design

Paper Fury –

Most Unique Blog

Apples Of Gold –

Grace the girl upstairs @

????? (xD)

Best Blog Series

Umm…Allison’s Mystery Photos (no link provided)

Best Overall Blog

The Rebelution –

K.A. @

My Bookish Life-

Congrats to all the people who were nominated!

Now, here are the voting polls:

Okay, thanks for voting!! I’ll be back in a little while to give you our winners!! 😀



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