The Blogger Awards 2016


Hello, everyone!

Megan gave me permission to (kind of) copy the Best of 2016 that she is doing. Grace is also doing the Best of 2016 Awards, so I am doing The Blogger Awards 2016!

So, I have different award categories, and it’s your job to take a survey that I created and tell me who YOU think should be awarded in those categories. You can nominate yourself, but only for one category. In a few weeks, I’ll be posting a voting round, where you’ll vote on who or what post, etc. you think is the best for that award. And, on January 1st, 2017, I’ll announce the winners of the awards!

I created a form for you to use to enter your nominees. See it here:
Take Our Survey!

If you have any questions as to how the awards work, just comment below. I’m really excited for this, especially since it’s my first year doing it!

Okay, now GO NOMINATE PEOPLE!!!! Bye!!


22 thoughts on “The Blogger Awards 2016

      1. No problem, Sara! I used PollDaddy one time, and it showed the states. Since PollDaddy is more a poll website than a survey website, I think it needs to know the regions. I dunno.
        But anyway, I quit using PollDaddy, except for polls (which don’t show addresses), and the states (which mostly I forget) are not going to be shared with anyone. 🙂

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