An Award and Two Stories

Greetings, people of the blogging universe! I’m baacckkk! Well, I was never gone, but….

Any who, we’re getting off subject. Today I have for yyoouuu….an award and two stories. Okay, since it’s first in the title, why don’t I start with the award? Okay? Okay. I will now do…

The Versatile Blogger Award!! *cues awesome music*

I was nominated by the lovely April. Thanks, April! Let’s start! 😀



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7 Random Facts:

  1. My Dad is from the Bahamas, and my Mom is part Swedish and part American so, therefore, I am… Bamericadish! It’s a mix between Bahamian, American, and Swedish. (My name is Swedish to…)
  2. I have never been on a train.
  3. I’ve been on a plane almost once every year in my life (to the Bahamas…)
  4. My Grammy is on a plane right now going back to the Bahamas from visiting us.
  5. I HATE licorice. It’s disgusting. Any kind.
  6. Me and my siblings have a current obsession of The Price is Right and Let’s Make a Deal.
  7. I used to live on a farm but now I live in an apartment in the middle of a city.

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Savannah Grace

Hosanna Emily

Hope Ann




Okay! Happy awarding, people that I nominated! I hope that you have fun. 🙂

Okay, now, I am writing a chapter in Fice. Read part 1 HERE.

Chapter 2

When Cynthia woke up, Emily was in her extra room of their cabin. Emily and Cynthia shared a 4 room cabin that the Spy Agency had supplied them with. On the large, hidden campus, there were many cabins. Two kids lived in each cabin and had a small bedroom and a room to do their work in. Emily was in her “office”, as she called it, doing homework to bring the school that morning.

“Breakfast is in an hour. Are you ready yet?”

“No,” Cynthia replied, “I just woke up. That electric shock last night really made me tired. I thought it would’ve kept me up.”

Suddenly, there was a knock at the door. Emily and Cynthia raced to the door, as was there custom, and Cynthia won, who got the honor of opening the door. Drew and Russel stood outside, urgent looks on their faces.

Russell stepped forward. “We have to go on a mission – it’s a 10 rate emergency – a Code Red.”

Okay! I like cliff hangers. *evil laugh*

Now, for my second, and last story, which is for Chloe She is doing AWWC , and we are now on Challenge 3! 🙂


Out of Trouble

“What do you mean, you accidentally pickpocketed the president of the United States of America?”

“I did. That’s what I mean.”

Hector ran his hands through his blonde hair. “How could you?” He stared into Jo’s eyes. “You’re a girl! How’d you get in?”

Jo put her hands on her hips. “Excuse me, sir? What do you mean by that? I’m your sister! Besides, girls can do a lot of things that boys can do, including pickpocket under maximum security.”

“How’d you even get that close to him?”

Jo shrugged. “His safe isn’t too hard to crack into. I didn’t have to get near him or any-”

“What?!” Hector said. “You cracked his safe? I thought you picked his pockets!”

“Well…no, I cracked his safe.”

“Gimme the money.”

Jo put her hand over her black bag. “No,” she said, “you’re not turning me in. They would kick me out of the Spy Agency! You’re my brother, aren’t you? You wouldn’t do that to me!”

“Jo, I’m not gonna turn you in. I’m gonna help you put that money back into the safe before anybody notices. Or else, I’ll turn you in.” Hector crossed his arms and put on that “I’m Gonna Do What I Want” face.

Jo sighed. She didn’t really want to give all her money back, but she didn’t really want to get kicked out of the Spy Agency, either. Especially not because her big brother tattled.


Two hours later…..

“That would look so cute on you!”

“Shush! I’m trying to crack a safe!”

Jo put her phone down. “I was just saying; you could wear something other than sweatpants every once in a while. What do you even wear to church, or weddings? Or parties? You know I did that before, and I can do it again in 2 seconds.”

Hector turned around. “Then why am I doing this? You do it.”

In 2 seconds, Jo had the safe cracked and had put the money back in. Back at home, Hector sat on the couch and watched TV.

“Hey, Bro.” Jo walked in the door.

“Jo. What did you do?”

Jo smiled innocently. “Have you ever thought about getting an emerald?”

Hector jumped up, but Jo stopped him.

“I was just kidding, you! I would never steal an emerald!”

Hector sighed.

“I only like rubies.”

Hector grinned slyly. “Nice try, Jo, I know you didn’t steal a ruby.”

“You’re right; I didn’t steal anything. You always know me.” She said, hugging him. “And you always keep me out of trouble.”

Well, that was all! UGH I CAN’T WAIT FOR NANO (It’s in 4 days!!! GUYS!!! HEEELLLPPP)

BAAII!! I gotta go plot for NaNo. 🙂